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I am an exemplary figure in the intersection of technology, education, and community service. With over ten years of experience, I excel as a Software Engineer, IT Professional, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Tennis Coach. My innovative approach to solving modern challenges through software and IT is noteworthy. Since I was a teenager, I have been dedicated to societal contributions, evidenced by my initiative in organizing a widespread winter clothing drive in the Salt Lake Valley, which led to my recognition as an Eagle Scout. My commitment to community enrichment and my experience as IT Service Analysis, Customer Support and Software Engineering highlight my multifaceted skill set and altruistic values. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Weber State University. My work extends to creative endeavors, with involvement in projects accessible via Trophy Cat Games.

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Need A Bed

Need a Bed

Managed the needs of Nomad Alliance while helping communicate needs to the team of Weber State University Seniors working on their Capstone Project. This project lead to the State of Utah creating a dashboard to track homeless services.

iPhone Task App

iPhone Swift Task App

Built a Swift application that was focused on iPhone deployment, this application offered the user to track their tasks from start to finish and plan out their days by creating tasks for the upcoming week.

Inventory System

Project 3

Developed an Inventory System application with two other group partners utilizing Visual Studio, .NET Framework, and XML. The app used an Access Database to store the data for the app.

Game Dev Projects


Software Engineer

HSmithDev LLC - March 2023 to Present

  • Delivered tailored software solutions to businesses, focusing on enhancing operational efficiency and meeting strategic objectives.
  • Ensured alignment between business requirements and technological solutions, guaranteeing the deployment of adequate and effective technology.
  • Directed a team of seven WSU Student Software Engineers in a collaborative project for the Nomad Alliance., driving the project to successful completion and achieving the set goals.

IT Lab Aide II

Salt Lake Community College - August 2023 to Present

  • Automated Excel-related processes using PowerShell to enhance efficiency and accuracy.
  • Provided comprehensive technical support to students, faculty, and staff, ensuring a seamless technological experience.

AI & Robotics Instructor

SLCC's Verizon Innovative Learning - May 2023 to Present

  • Taught students to use AI software critically, emphasizing the importance of recognizing data biases.
  • Guided students through the development process, teaching them to program Spheros using either Scratch or JavaScript, thereby enhancing their coding skills and computational thinking.
  • Enhanced course content to deepen students' understanding and application of Software Development concepts, promoting advanced skill development.

Assistant Tennis Coach

Murray City School District - January 2018 to Present

  • Designed and executed team bonding initiatives to foster a strong sense of unity and teamwork.
  • Led targeted tennis drills to significantly improve the team’s technical skills and overall performance.

Canvas Support Engineer

Instructure - August 2020 to June 2021

  • Diagnosed and resolved issues for a diverse user group, including students, faculty, and administrators, through detailed troubleshooting.
  • Employed HTML DOM, Postman, and JSON to investigate and escalate technical problems effectively, ensuring prompt resolution.

Microsoft Office Advocate

EducationAtWork - August 2019 to March 2020

  • Delivered expert technical solutions for Microsoft Office products, ensuring high customer satisfaction.
  • Maintained a positive customer service experience, effectively addressing and resolving issues and complaints through engaging interactions.

IT Service Analyst

Control4 - June 2014 to February 2019

  • Resolve incidents and fulfill requests related to IT services, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations.
  • Identify, analyze, and resolve hardware, software, and network issues, escalating more complex problems to higher-level IT personnel when necessary.
  • Identify inefficiencies or problems within existing IT service management processes, such as incident management, request fulfillment, or change management.
  • Collaborating with computer vendors to procure essential computer hardware and accessories.
  • Serving as a Junior System Administrator, providing support and assistance to the System Administrators.


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